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Cybersecurity as a challenge of XXI century

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By Aleksandra Pecak*


The concepts of cyberspace and cybersecurity are often discussed yet rarely understood. Through the years, cyberspace has come a long way to become a second reality. Along with the increasing interest in cyberspace, crime has also developed in this area. Selected aspects mentioned in this article are the components of the present situation in this regard. Cyberspace protection is focused on criminal acts, which are performed by individual states, initiates numerous pathologies and deviates from the norm. It causes the rise of plenty of new illegal acts (identity theft, terrorism, blackmail). Crimes in cyberspace are on the agenda, it is proven by numerous publications as well as events taking place in the international arena.

*This research paper was written during the author’s internship at KEDISA (1 August 2020-31 October 2020). Her internship took place as partial fulfillment of the MoU signed by KEDISA and the Polish Naval Academy in June 2019.

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