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Organised Crime in Greece: An external or internal problem?

By Alexandros Christodoulides, Junior Analyst KEDISA Organised crime is a […]

Jez Jeuring

The Diplomatic Row between Turkey and the Netherlands: A Part Two in the Making?

By Jez Jeuring, Analyst KEDISA As Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed […]


The Political War between Serbia and Croatia

By Dragan Vitorovic, Senior Researcher KEDISA Seventy years ago, George […]

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Maria Galanaki

Women in Organized Crime

By Maria Galanaki, Analyst KEDISA Women are the center of the […]


The Externalization of European Borders

By Vasilis Papageorgiou*, Senior Researcher KEDISA In today’s globalized world, […]


Chain Reactions: Analyzing the Influence of Information Technology on Intelligence Systems

By Olamide Samuel, Senior Researcher KEDISA Intelligence as a term […]

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