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Should the EU Strategic Compass also have a social dimension?

By George Zgardanas, Analyst KEDISA   The much-discussed EU strategic […]

Giovanni Giacalone 250

The Italians turn to the right and reject the so-called “Draghi agenda”

    By Giovanni Giacalone, Analyst KEDISA The results of […]

giorgos koukakis 250

Did Russia fall into Thucydides trap?

By Georgios Koukakis, Analyst KEDISA   It has been almost […]

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giorgos koukakis 250

How the war in Ukraine is changing the European security environment

By Georgios Koukakis, Analyst KEDISA   Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, […]

Nikoleta tsitsoli 250

To what extent does the EU Green Deal affect Greece?

By Nikoleta Tsitsoli*, MA student in International Political Economy at […]


Is Clausewitz’s On War relevant to contemporary warfare?

By Anastasia Milopoulou, Analyst KEDISA   A master theorist of […]

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