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Nazia Azim

The war in Ethiopia and Eritrea’s involvement

By Nazia Azim*, Analyst KEDISA         Introduction […]


Tackling Recruitment and Retention in European Armed Forces: Exploring Military Personnel Resignations in Greece

By George Zgardanas, Analyst KEDISA   High Resignations in the […]

Tigran Ghalumyan

Armenia and the EU: A Promising Partnership or a Match Made in Brussels?

By Tigran Ghalumyan, Analyst KEDISA         Introduction EU’s […]

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Latest Research Papers


What does the current crisis in Ukraine tell us about the future of US Foreign policy?

By Panagiota Nakou*, Analyst KEDISA     The period that […]

Xiaotong Yang 250

A Critical Analysis of the Feasibility of President Emmanuel Macron’s Vision of an Independent Europe

By Xiatong Yang, MA in Geopolitics & International Relations at the University of […]

Sivkova - 250

A case study of Russian and Chinese state power efforts in the United Nations Human Rights Council

By Sara Sivkova, Analyst KEDISA   The outcome of the […]

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