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Sivkova - 250

The forthcoming parliamentary election in the Czech Republic (8-9 October 2021)

By Sara Sivkova, Analyst KEDISA At the start of this […]


The Italian government’s Benghazi fiasco: The sailors released after 108 days

By Giovanni Giacalone, Analyst KEDISA   A group of 18 […]


How Islamism has become a threat to international security

By Giovanni Giacalone, Analyst KEDISA   Austria and France have […]

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Latest Research Papers

Michalina Sikorska 250

Nutrition Crisis during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Michalina Sikorska*, Analyst KEDISA The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly […]

Aleksandra Pecak 250

Cybersecurity as a challenge of XXI century

By Aleksandra Pecak*   The concepts of cyberspace and cybersecurity […]


The Ungovernable Eastern Mediterranean

By Paraskevi Soultatou*, Analyst KEDISA By adopting a neorealist approach to […]

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