The main mission of the Center for International Strategic Analyses (KEDISA) is:

  • To analyze International Relations and Global Security issues, emphasizing on issues of Strategic nature.
  • To study energy security and pipeline diplomacy issues.
  • To scrutinize EU migration policy issues.
  • To examine the complex South Eastern Europe (SEE) and Middle East & Northern Africa (MENA) security environment.
  • To analyze the EU external relations with NATO, the US and the BRICS countries.
  • To organize and implement a series of educational programmes, that promote the Centre’s scientific mission.


The strategy of KEDISA is:

  • To promote research in national, European and international level, in cooperation with other likeminded research institutes, inside and outside Greece.
  • To build links and collaborations with academic institutions, schools or departments, research institutes and organizations sharing a common scientific interest, with non – governmental organizations (NGOs), Ministries and other various public and private authorities, as well as with individuals.
  • To organize and host public lectures, seminars, conferences.
  • To issue publications aiming to the communication of its mission to the public, in print or other versions, with the use of latest technological means.
  • To participate in EU research programmes.