Maria Galanaki

What is the current balance of nuclear weapons and how ‘stable’ is it in terms of deterrence?

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By Maria Galanaki, Analyst KEDISA

In 1945, the world faced the first nuclear attack when Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan were bombed by the United States with an atomic bomb during the World War II (Demetriou 2015). The A- bomb killed thousands of people while caused serious health and genetic problems to the populations of the two cities and their descendants (Demetriou 2015). Additionally, nuclear weapons concerned the global scene later in the Cold War when the United States and the Soviet Union developed further their nuclear weapons’ strategy and they reached to an escalation of their hostile relationship. Also, they adopted the deterrence theory that describes the threat of the use of nuclear weapons from a State A to a State B if the State A feels that is being under attack from the State B (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 2011).

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