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National Security, Foreign Policy, Intelligence, Cybersecurity, National Defence, Maritime Security, Risk Analysis and Foresight Strategic Documents Issued by Regional and International Actors in 2023

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By George Koukakis, Senior Researcher KEDISA

The present research paper reviews the strategic documents related to international, national, maritime and cyber security, foreign policy, intelligence, risk analysis, and foresight, which were published in 2023. Its purpose is to briefly review the content of these documents in order to inform the readers about the ongoing developments regarding the international security environment and highlight the essential role of strategy, contributing to the establishment of a security culture among the academic community.

The structure of the research is based on the chronological order that the strategic documents were published by international and regional actors (USA, EU, Australia, UK, Russia, Germany, FRONTEX and Greece), while its bibliography is mostly based on the official documents published by them. Given the fact that the research paper highlights only the most important parts of each document, their original source (link) is provided as a reference, so that it can be accessed for further studying.


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