What does the current crisis in Ukraine tell us about the future of US Foreign policy?

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By Panagiota Nakou*, Analyst KEDISA



The period that followed the end of the Cold War and the subsequent fall of the Soviet Union was considered by many to be a period of future peace and prosperity. Many considered it the ideal opportunity for the spread of democracy and the re-establishment of alliances with existing or emerging powers. Τhe US took advantage of the new international situation by making itself the only superpower that would eventually take on the role of world ruler and protector. During the following decades, the United States consolidated this position by making enormous efforts to spread its national values on a global scale, considering them to be global principles. US policy tended to change only recently under the presidency of Donald Trump, who sought to completely change the American methods that had been in place for almost a century and that continued to exist even stronger after the tragic events of 9/11.

*This analysis was written by the author during her participation at Erasmus+ programme at the University of Lille (France).


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