Closed discussion of KEDISA about the Foreign Policy of Donald Trump- 19 December 2016

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The Centre of International Strategic Analyses (KEDISA) organized successfully on December 19, 2016 in the Europe Direct-City of Athens hall, a closed discussion on “The Foreign Policy of the newly elected American President Donald Trump and the new geopolitical balances”.

Key speakers were Dimitris Apokis, Journalist- International Relations expert and Ioannis Michaletos, Special Analyst of Security issues. The discussion was attended by journalists, members of the Security Forces and the Armed Forces, analysts and experts.

Dimitris Apokis thoroughly analyzed the way the American Mainstream Media treated the phenomenon of Donald Trump, the reason for his victory in key states and how he is going to handle contentious issues of the American foreign policy. Ioannis Michaletos focused on the financing of Donald Trump’s electoral campaign and how he will deal with Russia, Turkey, Europe and China.

After the speeches the discussion was transferred to the participants of the event who proceeded to essential interventions and questions. Throughout the dialogue between the participants and the main speakers the criteria for the selection of the upcoming cabinet of Donald Trump, the future of the Democratic Party and how the relations between the USA and the major and regional powers will influence the global balance of power were issues that were also analyzed. The event was held with the support of the Europe Direct – City of Athens.