Announcement of Webinar: “Does anyone care about Kashmir?”- 29 September 2019

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The Center for International Strategic Analyses (KEDISA) in collaboration with Modern Diplomacy online Magazine are co-organizing their first online English language seminar on “Does anyone care about Kashmir”. The webinar will take place on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 16.00 Greek time. The 3-hour online seminar costs 45 euros (50 USD). The webinar will be delivered by the internationally renowned Strategic Intelligence Expert Professor at the American Military University, Dr. Matthew Crosston. Below there is a brief description of the webinar and a short CV of the Lecturer.

Intelligence briefing / Webinar
* Why does the US continue to ignore Kashmir but give loads of attention to every country around it?
* Is it necessarily a positive if the US DOES start paying attention to it?
* What would be GOOD attention and what be BAD? Which one is the US likely to give?
* Can Kashmir ever be left alone to develop independently and not be a pawn of regional neighbors?
These and other controversial but critically important questions will be covered in an exciting intelligence briefing that will still allow for a dynamic, open discussion exchange with one the world’s most recognized, accomplished and sought after Intelligence experts,  Prof. Matthew Crosston, Executive Vice Chairman of Modern Diplomacy.

Dr. Matthew Crosston is Director over all Intelligence programs and Professor of Strategic Intelligence and Global Security in the School of Security and Global Studies at the American Military University. He is an acclaimed author and international speaker who consults with governments, media organizations, and academic institutions on a range of issues covering peace mediation, human rights conflicts, resource dilemmas, intelligence, change leadership, and education innovation. His works overall have been translated into Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Hebrew, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, Greek, and Uzbek. He has a BA from Colgate University, MA from the University of London, PhD from Brown University, and completed his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Toronto.

Buy tickets for 45 euros (50 USD) from the event page on facebook or from the platform